Since 1928, “G de Graaff” has been located at Heulstraat 27. A household name in the Netherlands and far beyond. G de Graaff is known for its short fill cigars from Hollandse Makelij. De Graaff likes to share her expertise in the field of cigars and pipe tobacco as a concept in The Hague and the surrounding area. Our passion for “smoking” is central. De Graaff has had cigars since 2018

We are happy to help you in the search for the right cigar for the right moment. To be able to offer you that piece of relaxation at any time during these busy times. Thanks to our passion and love for the beautiful cigar, cigar royalties like HRH Prince Bernard, Bill Clinton, Sir Winston Churchill and Adenauer visited our store to share that same passion with us. A huge honor for us and our work.

In addition to our own Dutch cigars, you are also at the right place for a beautiful longfiller. For example, consider a beautiful hand-rolled havana or one of the many other cigars from Latin America. These “exotic” long fillers are located in a special climate room, the “humidor”. De Graaff keeps these long fillers at the perfect humidity of 70%, the humidity in the countries of origin.

Besides that the Graaff has beautiful cigars, we also have chocolate. This “chocolate” comes from an old family recipe that dates from the year 1928 was founded. This chocolate consists of 80% pure chocolate and 50% milk chocolate, in which both versions come in five varieties. Just like our cigars, we fly our chocolate all over the world!

More than cigars

Apart from the finest Habano’s and cigar accessories, the store also sells premium champagnes, (port) wines, Truefitt and Hill shaving products and the full range of the world famous handmade G. de Graaff Chocolate.
We have a beautiful smoking lounge where you are welcome to sit back, relax and enjoy our fine cigars. La Casa del Habano The Hague also offers the opportunity to dine in private. When you make a reservation for a private dinner we tailor-make your evening so you can enjoy your dinner experience as well as to smoke your favourite cigars in the very same place.