DE GRAAFF Tea White Peony needle

DE GRAAFF Tea White Peony Needle

We offer you the best; White Peony Needle white tea.  These silver needles look beautiful. The White Peony tea comes from the very special tea plant “Downy” on the underside of the leaf they have small white hairs grown. Harvesting is only possible in dry weather in March and April.

Tea is a centuries-old beverage from China that became famous in Europe in the 17th century by the VOC. Tea leaves come from the Camelia Sinesis plant. In addition to the thirst-quenching property, tea (especially white tea) also contains other positive ingredients, namely vitamins and anti-oxidants that have a positive effect on the entire body, including the nervous system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, immune system, skin, mucosa and hair.

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