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DE GRAAFF Tea Yunnan

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DE GRAAFF Tea Yunnan

We offer you the best; Yunnan Chinese black tea. This golden tea has a strong and spicy taste, making it a morning or afternoon tea. The taste is slightly softer than the Assam.

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DE GRAAFF Tea Yunnan

DE GRAAFF Tea Yunnan a Chinese black tea, we offer you the best. Yunnan tea from DE GRAAFF golden tea has a strong and spicy taste, making it a morning or afternoon tea. The taste is slightly softer than the Assam.

China: The country of origin of tea since 5000 years, tea is cultivated here. They have a soft scent and aroma that comes from the pure China plants.


Black tea from DE GRAAFF is a fermented tea. The leaves are dried for a few hours after harvest at 25 to 30 ºC, after which they are oxidized in a moist environment. Then dried again so that the oxidation process stops. Black tea contains fewer anti-oxidants than green and white tea. The best water temperature to make black tea is 95ºC, draw 3-4 minutes

Green tea from DE GRAAFF is a non-fermented tea. After harvesting, the leaves are briefly heated, causing them to dry. Green tea contains tannic acid, vitamins and anti-oxidants. The best water temperature to make green tea is  70-80ºC, leave for 3-5 minutes

White tea from DE GRAAFF is the most special because only the first young buds of the plant are picked within 2 days and only before the sunrise. Then they dried the leaves. This tea is the most healthy because it has not undergone any processing. The best water temperature to make white tea is 70-80ºC, draw 5-7 minutes.

DE GRAAFF five golden tea rules

1 Use mineral or filtered water.
2 Preheat the teapot well, tea that receives a warm welcome attracts better.
3 Use 5 grams of tea in half a liter of water.
4 Let the tea brew at the right temperature and time.
5 Before pouring in the tea, stir it for a good distribution.

De GRAAFF store

Our DE GRAAFF Tea Winter is available since 1928, ‘De Graaff’ was located at the Heulstraat 27 in city centre of The Hague Holland.  The Store is a concept in the Netherlands and far beyond. In the year 2018 we moved the store just around the corner to Kneuterdijk No. 5 in The Hague The Netherlands – Holland. We like to use the best quality ingredients for the chocolate and for the cigars.  In addition of the chocolate we also known for the so called “Dutch made” short filler cigars. We like to share our expertise in the world of cigars with you. Our passion ‘cigars’ is central. We like to assist you with the search for a fine cigar what suits the smoking moment and your experience. Next to the products we produce ourself we also import the most famous classic teas and coffees.

When you like to see a nice short movie about the old De Graaff store follow the link to Youtube. We provide for De GRAAFF tea  worldwide shipping!


De Graaff Chocolaad Established since 1928 in The Hague Holland. De Graaff Chocolaad is a famous dutch chocolate brand and is well know around the world. The word “CHOCOLAAD” is an old Dutch word for Chocolate. Our range of superior Chocolate bars are made for almost a century now. The handmade Chocolate bars are delicious for yourself or as a very nice gift. Our Luxury Chocolates bars are first of all around the 250 gram each and we also wrapped them by hand. The chocolate bars consists, 80% dark chocolate, 50% milk chocolate and a white chocolate. Discover the best Chocolate you can get and buy your favourite chocolate bar online or in our beautiful store. All our chunky bars are proudly carry the one and only original De Graaff stamp.

Winston Churchill

As a result of our well known love for our beautiful Dutch cigars we have welcomed very special guests as  HRH Prince Bernard, Bill Clinton, Sir Winston Churchill and Konrad Adenauer they all visited our store to share that same passion with us. A huge honour for us and our work.

In addition to our own Dutch cigars, we also have another specialty, probably you are already familiar with the term long filler. We offer a huge range of beautiful long fillers they are hand-rolled in Havana Cuba, when you rather like to have another handmade cigars from Latin America is that also possible. As a result of the origine of these long fillers cigars, we have to keep them in a special climate chamber, the ‘humidor’. De Graaff keeps these artisan cigars at the perfect humidity of 70%, the humidity in the countries of origin.

We fly our cigars, chocolate, coffee and DE GRAAFF Tea Yunnan all over the world.

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